Many of you might have asked yourself, "Should I do cardio to lose weight or not?"

Most people think that cardio means running a marathon or jumping on the treadmill. You should know that there are other ways to get your heart rate up and burn calories during the process.

HITT is the way to go if you don't like to run marathons or spend hours on the treadmill. Due to HIIT (high-intensity interval training), you don’t have to spend hours while being all sweaty and panting.

For those who don’t know, HIIT is an intense, short physical activity with small intervals of rest. This type of intense physical activity disturbs metabolism, which in result, burns calories at a much higher rate for more than 48 or 72 hours.

HIIT improves cardiac functions, increases metabolism, reduces insulin resistance, and much more.

Now, before we get to the best HIIT exercises, you should know there are certain cardio workouts you can efficiently perform with or without equipment.

The without equipment ones are:

  • Flutter Kicks

To do this HIIT exercise, you need to lie on your back. Hands should be holding your head from behind. Don’t let your shoulders touch the floor. Now keep your legs straight and long (while glued together). Bring one leg into the air at a 45-degree angle while the other leg is still lying on the floor. Now it's time for the other leg to come up while the leg that was previously in the air comes down. You can go as fast with this exercise or as slow as you're comfortable with.

  • Mountain Climbers

Get into a high plank position, ensuring your shoulders are above your wrists. Divide your weight correctly between your toes and hands. Bring your right knee toward the chest as if you are running. Now take the right knee back to the starting position and bring your left knee toward your chest.

Again, you can proceed at your own pace. Inhale when you bring your knee toward your chest and exhale when you take it back.

  • Burpees

Start by getting into the squat position. Now place both your hands on the floor and try kicking your legs outward. Kicking your legs outward will position your body in a plank. Now perform a pushup and then pull your legs back into the squat position. After getting into the squat position (in the manner you began), you will have to jump as high as you can with your hands extended towards the sky.

Congratulations! You have completed a single burpee!

Coming to HIIT that use equipment:

  • The Bike:

All you need is a stationary bike. You can give your hamstrings and quads a fantastic workout with this one. Move your legs for 30 seconds as fast and as hard as you can. Make sure to increase the resistance of the bike. After that burst of peddling, slowly pedal for a minute.

Repeat this exercise for 10-20 rounds depending on energy levels and the time you have.

  • The Battle Rope:

This might sound complicated, but it's one of the fastest ways to burn calories. All you have to do is move the battle ropes as quickly and forcefully as possible. Such an action will increase your heart rate and utilize muscles all over your body as you try to maintain the pace and balance.

To do this, pick up two battle ropes, one in each hand. Slam the ropes in a manner to create waves. Do this for 30 seconds. Rest for a minute. It would be best if you tried to repeat this for 10 rounds.

You should consider performing double-handed kettlebell raises. Get in the squat position with the kettlebell suspended like a pendulum between your legs. Gradually stand up and raise both your hands, so the kettlebell is raised to shoulder position. Perform 8 sets of 10-20 kettlebell raises before proceeding to the next part.

The next part is the floor-to-overhead kettlebell presses. Get in the squat position with the kettlebell resting on the floor. Proceed to lift the kettlebell with both hands to your chest and then lift it over your head as you would when performing an overhead dumbbell press. Bring the kettlebell down to your chest and then back to the floor to complete one rep. You should aim to perform 4 sets consisting of 10-20 reps of this exercise.

In the end, remember to take your time when doing HIIT. Trying to overdo it won’t be beneficial for your body.



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