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  Starting a new workout program can be quite challenging. You need to learn new exercises, follow a new balanced meal plan, your routine needs to be balanced plus you have set up new goals. All this is difficult on its own, but along with that you also have to go through extreme muscle soreness as well. The body usually gets sore after you start a new workout regimen. It becomes a lot harder to stay on track. Don’t think you’ll be leaping out of your bed the next morning to head out to the gym. Trust us your body will be...

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  Often people make a new years resolution which mostly revolves around health and fitness. The best thing you can do is to get enrolled in a 30 day challenge as it is an excellent way to get started with all kind of guidance needed. The challenges are all different from one another and have different needs such as losing weight from different areas of the body. Some of the challenges are based on time while some come under the variety of pass and fail. You must pick such a challenge which is best for you and the one which...

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  We are all aware of the fact that exercising is extremely essential for our health. It becomes more important and necessary when you wish to lose weight. Exercising means the movement which makes the muscles work and then in return burns the calories of your body. There are lots of physical activities for instance jogging, swimming, dancing, walking and running. There are many benefits of exercising and being physically active as well as mentally. In some cases, it is also reported that exercising can also help you to live a longer life. Studies report that being inactive can cause...

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Fuel is needed to make the best of the machines work. Similarly, the body needs food to make energy. Without energy, you can’t work or move. Our daily nutrition is enough to help us through our daily chores. But what if we have a tougher routine, one that needs us working out more? Run more? For athletes to give the best performance, it’s important that they take a balanced diet. One that is constructed especially for them, to give them more energy for their workouts. However, that’s not all; they also need this fuel to heal them later as well....

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  For those people who optimistically made a New Year’s resolution to stay fit and do a bit more exercise, running is quite a good option. But is it better to do your running outside, or you should do it on a treadmill indoor without leaving the comfort of your own house? The debate over whether the quality of treadmill running or outside running is ‘better’ is not a new one. This article reviews the pro and cons of both running on a treadmill and road running. Running on a Treadmill: The treadmill is one of the most popular types...

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