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  High-interval intensity training is for those who want to get fit fast, and it can build muscle and burn fat. However, you need to be able to do it correctly or you will risk injury. There are lots of potential mistakes people can make when undertaking this training, so read on to find out how to avoid them and get the most out of your sessions: Doing HIIT solely for muscle growth HIIT is good for improving your fitness and burning fat, but it’s not good for those who want to gain muscle. To add muscle mass, you should...

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  The CrossFit fitness regime is an effective way of getting fit in a comparatively less amount of time. That’s why it’s preferred by a lot of people who have busy schedules. Furthermore, it can also be done at home if you can’t take the time out to go to a gym. There’s no need for heavy machinery either. CrossFit Fitness Regime A CrossFit workout makes use of a mixture of different exercises in a limited amount of time. You'll be encouraged to go through rounds that include jumping, squats, weightlifting, jogging pushups and more to increase your strength and...

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  So everyone knows that before you workout you have to warm up first. It is essential for you to warm up and to prepare your body and muscles before you start working out. This warming up process allows you to prevent any sort of injury and etc from taking place. And just like that, it is highly important for you to mentally prepare yourself for a workout. Remember until and unless you are mentally prepared you won’t be able to achieve your goal no matter how hard you try. But the main question is how does one mentally prepare...

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    We are always being told that exercise is good for us and we should do it regularly. Working out stops us from living sedentary lifestyles, prevents disease and enables athletes to train their bodies to perform above their normal capacity. However, exercising too much can be dangerous and cause problems for many people. Here are some examples why you shouldn’t work out every day: You’re injured Some people believe the mantra “no pain, no gain”. However, this saying is wrong as pain is an essential piece of information. You should never ignore or push through it but listen...

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  What do you want a ripped body or an improved strength? There are two reasons why people usually head out to the gym and lift weights; either they wish to gain strength or either they wish to get their body ripped. You either want to become a powerlifter and be as strong as one or you either want to get your body ripped and want to look like a bodybuilder instead. You might have started your gym experience with exercises that were providing you with both strength and helping you in achieving a structured body. However, as you keen...

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