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  Everybody is aware of the importance of exercise, but a majority of us balk at the idea of going to the gym. Some of us are embarrassed to go to the gym while some find the membership quite expensive. Not to mention it is not always fun to work out and sweat in front of strangers. Moreover, our busy schedules make it very difficult to find the time to get ready and drive to the gym every day and fit in a gruelling workout. Instead, it is highly convenient to invest in a few simple fitness equipment and workout...

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  Booty Band Booty bands also go by the names of “Mini Bands,” “Butt Bands” or “Hip Bands.” These are basically bands made from rubber in the shape of a loop. The tightness of the loop depicts the resistance of the band. These loops are designed for a full body workout especially the thighs, legs ankles, feet, and buttocks. It can be used for shoulders and arms also. Uses of Booty Bands Booty bands are being effectively used for; Physiotherapy treatment Rehabilitation purposes Sports and fitness training Workouts done at home How to Use Booty Bands The booty band loops...

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  For those of you who might not fully understand yet, osteoporosis is a disorder in which a reduction of bone mass and the associated structural changes lead to decreased bone strength and increased bone fragility. However, it has been observed that resistance band workouts can help combat osteoporosis. Let’s find out more about this ailment and how resistance bands can help. Understanding Osteoporosis It is characterised by decreased collagenous bone matrix (organic) and minerals (inorganic), both components leading to reduced bone formation and increased bone loss. It is also the most common type of metabolic bone disease. This metabolic...

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Kinetic Bands help the athletes strengthen their pace, alertness, vigor, and command. Dynamic Bands (leg sporty and practice groups) are worn on the thighs (roughly an inch over the knees). Every arrangement of Kinetic Bands incorporates two agreeable and effortlessly movable leg straps, two arrangements of sports groups that give diverse levels of sporty and a helpful work travel pack. There is an additionally offered Sports Stretching Strap for post workout extending and help provided by the speed and agility Training Series on the website. Motor Bands give an agreeable, heart solid and center body’s amid physical movement and game...

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  If you have enough space, having your own home gym is a brilliant investment. You don’t need to go through traffic to get there, there are no membership fees and it is more convenient if you are short of time. Read on to find out more about the benefits of having your own gym.   No fees Commercial gyms always say they are affordable, but the funds will add up over time into hundreds of pounds. For example, if you had a £30-a-month membership, this would mount up to £360 a year altogether. You could buy a set of...

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