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  Often people make a new years resolution which mostly revolves around health and fitness. The best thing you can do is to get enrolled in a 30 day challenge as it is an excellent way to get started with all kind of guidance needed. The challenges are all different from one another and have different needs such as losing weight from different areas of the body. Some of the challenges are based on time while some come under the variety of pass and fail. You must pick such a challenge which is best for you and the one which...

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  Most of the body supplements producing companies advertise that their product is the answer to all the worries and hopes of people who want to lose or gain weight or build muscles strength. However, the results of these body supplements are not backed up by any medical certification. There are various evidences of side effects of using these body supplements upon consumers. However, the demand of these body supplements is increasing day by day, particularly in people who have an eating disorder. The desire to lose weight led people to do insane things and put their own health on...

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  Brain supplements are the nutrients or drugs that help in boosting your brain function. They may also help in reducing decline in brain function due to age factor. These supplements boost your memory, alertness, focus, motivation and overall mental health. Many of the nutrients required by brain exist naturally like those found in fruits vegetables and meat. Some of the supplements are produced naturally within your body. Aged people are often found to have benefited from brain supplements.   Let’s discuss about some of the top brain boosters that have been used widely to enhance brain functions.   Fish...

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What is meant by balance? The urban dictionary describes balance as an even distribution enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady. In other words, balance is the ability to maintain equilibrium while carrying out daily activities. However, generally, by the age of sixty five, human beings starts to lose their balance and wobbling through life becomes quite a frequent scenario. How can one check their balance? Stand straight with your arms raised by your side, and lift one leg to waist level [six inches] by your knee and count to thirty. If you are successful in maintaining your...

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  In order to make a change in body composition, it requires a large attribute of discipline whether it is weight gaining or fat losing. However, it is the latter that most of people strive for. It is hard for people to shed body fats as it demands long term consistent behavior. Therefore, they try to seek some method which is easy and gives immediate results. And here comes the miracle called fat burning supplements. Extensive advertisements which claim more than 90% fat loss via these supplements. Such claims sound appealing for people struggling with obesity. What is CLA? Conjugated...

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