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  A resistance band is an exercise tool which has many advantages. These bands are made of rubber and a force has to be applied to a particular extent to stretch the bands. A resistance band has two handles attached to either side it. The handles are used to pull the band closer to you by looping the whole equipment around a tree or even under your own feet. Resistance bands are convenient to use since they are light in weight. You can also carry them in your suitcase along with you when you travel. Also, they are multipurpose and...

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  When filling out your home gym or creating your own personal training studio with the help of top-notch equipment, you have to think and be very selective. You may not have the space that most big health clubs and gyms have, but with the right kind of equipment, you can get the results that these large gyms offer. So what equipments should you invest in for body fitness? To find the answer to this question, keep on reading. Equipment To Get For Body Fitness Fitness Mat This is the first thing you must grab when creating a gym; this...

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