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  While you might be wondering what AMRAP really is, it is quite a simple concept. Yet, it adds another dimension to your workout and enables you to get the maximum benefits out of your training routine. AMRAP is basically an acronym that has two meanings; as many rounds as possible, and as many reps as possible. Generally, AMRAP workouts are time efficient and highly intense. It is also individually challenging because, with AMRAPs, you can make a customized plan, keeping your skill level in mind. In a CrossFit AMRAP workout, you can include all kinds of exercises and make...

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“A sound mind is in a sound body” is what they say. Stress, hypertension, anxiety, depression and several other similar problems have grown frequent around the world, especially in women. In order to cope with such mental health problems, people have grown more focused when it comes to maintaining their physique, which not only (by itself) benefits the body, but also nourishes and relaxes the mind too. Strength training is an effective way to improve balance, flexibility and overall body health; including anaerobic endurance and building of skeletal muscles. Strength Training for Women Women tend to keep up with certain...

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  Dumbbell weights are pieces of handy equipment that are vital for weight trainers. You can define it as just an extra equipment piece which is found most commonly in home gyms, fitness centers, and commercial guys. Whether you decide to pick a hex bell dumbbell weight for your exercise session or Bowflex adjustable dumbbell weights, it is vital that you pick the correct dumbbell that meets your fitness goal needs. Let’s talk about them both! Hex bell dumbbells Hex bell, also more commonly known as regular or standard dumbbells are quite easy to use. The standard dumbbells are generally...

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  For you to be able to accomplish something in this world, there are certain steps you have to go through. This holds true when creating your first fitness blog too. If you're someone who's interested in starting a fitness blog to help people everything has been mentioned below.   How to Start Your First Fitness Blog Focus on your passion You must be truly passionate about what you are doing. When you are interested in the work you do, you automatically begin to do it better. You might face some hurdles when starting a blog such as how to...

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  High-interval intensity training is for those who want to get fit fast, and it can build muscle and burn fat. However, you need to be able to do it correctly or you will risk injury. There are lots of potential mistakes people can make when undertaking this training, so read on to find out how to avoid them and get the most out of your sessions: Doing HIIT solely for muscle growth HIIT is good for improving your fitness and burning fat, but it’s not good for those who want to gain muscle. To add muscle mass, you should...

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