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One of the most beneficial exercises of all time is Squats. When done right, they offer multiple health benefits. No matter what kind of a workout regime you have, you must include squats in it. You can reap massive advantages from squats, but you can enhance this even more by adding a hip band. This will help you tone your muscles better, make them leaner, shape your hip as well as boost your lower body strength. A hip band pushes you, even more, when you are doing your squats. The challenge becomes greater, and you burn more fat. This high-power...

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  What is a resistance band? A resistance band is an exercise tool that was initially mainly used by people who were recovering from an injury. A resistance band was used as a rehabilitation exercise tool for training and strengthening the muscles of people who were recuperating. However, now, resistance bands are widely being used in daily exercise routines. They have now combined with your everyday training and have known to become as resistance band exercising. Gyms, fitness centres and such are making use of resistance bands in their exercise training programs.   Types The only point of similarity between...

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Resistance bands have gained immense popularity over the past few years as they are extremely pocket-friendly and very effective. Their portability is another factor that is making them every gym lover’s staple. The main aim of a resistance band is to increase the overall muscular strength of an individual and as their name suggests: they increase resistance. Resistance bands come in two forms either with handles usually referred as resistance tubes and the ones without the handle. They both are very similar in nature and can be used interchangeably, but there are some minor differences between the two which we...

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  For those of you who might not fully understand yet, osteoporosis is a disorder in which a reduction of bone mass and the associated structural changes lead to decreased bone strength and increased bone fragility. However, it has been observed that resistance band workouts can help combat osteoporosis. Let’s find out more about this ailment and how resistance bands can help. Understanding Osteoporosis It is characterised by decreased collagenous bone matrix (organic) and minerals (inorganic), both components leading to reduced bone formation and increased bone loss. It is also the most common type of metabolic bone disease. This metabolic...

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  Everyone wants to lose weight and get into better shape, but not all of them have the extra cash required to get a gym membership, let alone take out the time to exercise from a busy schedule. However, these 10 hands on fitness ideas will guarantee that you squeeze in a generous dose of healthy activities while putting no pressure on your wallet! 10 Best Fitness Ideas That Can Help You Save Money and Time Exercise from home There's no need for you to go and buy a fancy gym to stay fit; if you're dedicated to your health,...

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