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Living a fit life, only eating nutrients and being on a healthy diet increases beauty, better mood, and helps one’s metabolism grow, which leads to the person being able to achieve better and more achievable goals. There are several ways through which a proper balanced life can be achieved. A healthy life leads to a healthy mind and body. However, there are several ways to it. There are numerable exercises through which one can reach the perfect balance. There are little controversies to it, a debate sort of, where people talk about the best way to get one’s balance of...

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  Resistance bands have long taken over dumbbells; however, fitness with resistance bands is now being made increasingly effective with the use of anchor attachments. Here are the twelve benefits of making use of anchor attachments when using resistance bands for a better training regime. The numerous benefits Can be attached anywhere The anchor attachments can be used to anchor the resistance band to all kinds of doors regardless of its size and shape. All you have to do is just to wrap the straps of the anchor, which most people often call the arms, around the door you wish...

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    This short video provides the best basic exercises for speed increase using the mini resistance loop bands. The exercises are mostly focused on balance strengthening and activating fast twitch muscle fibres. By completing these exercises you will increase strength and mobility for abductors, glutes and quads.  The exercises in the video can be used in explosive circuit workouts for HITT training. The video just shows a slow motion rep so you can see the exercise in more detail and correct yourself for form.  In order to increase speed you need to mix a number of different training systems....

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  Are you suffering from back pain? Are you finding it extremely difficult to move around without experiencing extreme jolts of pain? Well yes, this is because you have managed to injure your spinal cord. The spinal cord is an important part of your body; it allows your muscles and tendons to move around easily without causing you any sort of issues. Now if you were to suffer from any sort of back pain, bear in mind that it could cause you to suffer from extreme pain and immobility as well. While there are many back exercises that help in...

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  We all want to get the best out of our workout, which means we need to use safe and effective equipment. Here is a selection of the best equipment that every gym should have:   Dumbbells The majority of personal training studios around the world use these. If you don’t already have these, it would be a good idea to invest in a set. They are also not as expensive as other equipment can be, and are good for keeping track of your efforts. You can compare the weight you started with to the one you use currently.  ...

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