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  When you lose weight, you can end up losing not just fat but also muscle or water. Whilst working out, your body needs to burn many sources of energy, and you can end up burning muscle tissue as well as fat. Here is how to prevent this: Eat enough protein every few hours An adequate intake of protein every day is the most important factor when it comes to maintaining muscle. Studies have shown that eating protein lets you lose fat without losing muscle. Even if you don’t have a weight training regime, you will still lose fat instead...

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Many people are up early when it comes to working out, but others much prefer an afternoon session. Fitness professionals are divided when deciding what time of the day is the best to work out, as morning and evening sessions both have their advantages and downsides. Here are some examples of how either time of day can benefit you: Advantages to morning sessions Having a workout in the morning can keep things consistent, as you may have other commitments later in the day which could affect your willpower. Exercising earlier may also help you sleep better. Studies have shown that...

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  Being a gymnast requires having a body that is extremely flexible, enabling you to move the different parts of your body in various directions to fully master your routine. This makes performing muscle-loosening exercises critical to doing as well as you can while on the mats or bars. Here are three of the best, most basic flexibility movements you’ll want to add to your fitness regimen if you haven’t already: Pike Stretch This exercise helps stretch the muscles in your back and lower body. To do it, sit on the floor with your legs outstretched fully in front of...

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  One of the best ways to stay current in what exercises work best, which routines provide amazing results, and what everyone else is doing to stay in shape, is to read blogs. Of course, those are the primary goals of this blog, but there are also others that provide top notch information too. Here are the 15 best ones to consider reading, as well as some of their tag lines or “about” information so you can decide which ones are for you: Dai Manuel – “Empowering you to lead a ‘FUN’ctionally fit life through education, encouragement, and community” Dr....

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  Ask most any fitness trainer what the number one question their clients have and the answer will likely be something along the lines of, “How many times a week do I need to work out in order to lose weight?” Some ask this because they want to spend as little time in the gym as possible, whereas others are curious as to what type of results to expect from their new fitness routine. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer that is going to apply to each and every person. However, the way to arrive at the best response for...

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