ten reasons why functional training is best for strength increase

Ten reasons why functional training is best for strength increase

Many people exercise because they want to lose weight and tone their muscles. Aside from these reasons it should also be done to improve the way you move throughout the world.

This movement and stability are possible with the help of functional training. It improves stability, strength, and mobility so that you can excel in life and sports.

For those who might not be familiar, functional training uses movements like pulling, hinging, pushing, squatting, running, walking, and rotating every day to improve your movement and achieve your health goals.

Everyone can benefit from functional training as it forces your joint and core stabilizers to work so that you do not fumble and lose your balance. As your muscles get stronger, you improve your stability and strength which helps to avoid injuries and enables you to lead a longer and healthier life.

Following are some reasons that show that functional training is best for overall increase in strength:

  1. Helps you prepare for any situation

Functional training prepares you for any unexpected situation and lowers the risk of injury during such activities. This type of training can help you in climbing, running, physical altercation and lifting.

This training is also preferred by special force soldiers and Navy SEALs as it increases their stamina helping them to out maneuver, out run and out last their enemies.

  1. It is the oldest form of exercise

Functional training uses exercises that help train the body in the way it should be utilized. For a lot of people, going to the gym to build muscles and to only look good is a disservice to your body. You should work the muscles together to accomplish movement and tasks instead of only aiming to appear good.

  1. It helps to build a natural, healthy physique

Functional training contributes to making a better physical frame because you are training your body as it should be formed. It is a healthy way of training, and you can build a unique physique without worrying about looking too big or not being proportional.

  1. It helps to build core strength

Many body building workout routines neglect ab training while functional training focuses heavily on balance and core strength. Your abs are an important muscle group, and core strength is fundamental for training your body.

  1. Functional training does not put any extra strain on your joints

Many isolation exercises such as bicep curls and shoulder flies put extra stress on the joints resulting in arthritis, tendinitis, and bursitis. In functional training, the multiple muscle groups work in unison thus taking the strain off the joints.

  1. Prevents injury

Functional training uses all muscle groups to help stabilize and prevent injury which many bodybuilding routines neglect to do.

  1. Functional training focuses on body weight exercises

Body weight exercises are best for body training. Running, swimming, pushups, and obstacle courses involve nothing more than body weight and having control over that weight helps you achieve your target.

  1. Functional training reduces gym time

You can cut down the gym time considerably when you start functional training because you will be focusing on multiple muscle groups at a high intensity. In functional fitness training, you will need to work 3 or 4 days a week to see results.

  1. No need to go to the gym

In functional training, you do not need to join a gym because it focuses on body weight exercises which you can do anywhere thus saving yourself the gym fees.

  1. Functional training gives importance to cardio

Many body building routines ignore cardio exercises. This is wrong as the heart is the most important muscle in the body and needs to be strong. Functional training is designed to include cardio exercises that not only build muscles but also helps to lose weight while strengthening the heart.


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