Best Copper Health Benefits

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 Best Copper Health Benefits

Although copper is probably most well-known for its use in various pipes and wires, assisting with the function of modern day electronics like televisions, computer monitors, and circuit boards, it’s also a nutrient that offers many health benefits to the human body. Here are a few of the best ones to consider:

  • Lower risk of cancer. Because copper is an antioxidant, it may help lower your risk of developing different types of cancer.
  • Better immune system function. Several studies have connected copper with better immune system function, which means fewer illnesses and a speedier recovery.
  • Greater heart health. Get the right amount of copper in your diet and you’ll likely notice greater heart health through lower cholesterol levels and the formation of new blood vessels.
  • Stronger bones. Copper helps your bones on both a preventative and treatment level, which means that it can help you avoid injuries as well as recover from them should they occur.
  • A healthier thyroid gland. Your thyroid helps control hormone release in an effort to regulate many of your bodily functions (think reproduction, energy, etc.), and copper is one nutrient that can help keep this gland healthy.
  • Improved iron absorption. Iron is critical for preventing health conditions such as anemia, and copper helps your body better absorb it.
  • Higher level of brain health. If your goal is to do what you can to prevent memory-robbing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, then copper can help you achieve that goal by potentially reducing your “brain plaque.”

To get more copper in your diet and enjoy benefits such as these, aim to eat more seafood, veal, beef, beans, avocado, lentils, and nuts. You can also find it in seaweed, espresso, and mushrooms, so you might want to add these to your diet as well. You’ll likely feel better when you do!

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