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  If you’ve followed this blog at all, then you already know that massage offers many great benefits ranging from releasing stress for better health to speeding up recovery time if you’ve sustained an injury. While massage generally refers to getting worked on by a professional therapist, the reality is that you can receive a lot of the same benefits by using a massage ball—especially when it comes to your neck. Why Massage Balls Are Good For Your Neck Have you ever had pain or tenderness in or around your neck area, particularly if you’ve been under a lot of...

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  Are you troubled by chronic, reoccurring back pain? Is it starting to affect your quality of life, hindering your ability to enjoy your favorite activities or even making it impossible for you to earn a living? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you may want to see an osteopath for your back pain. Here are 10 solid reasons why: #1 – A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) focuses on treating your whole body, not just the problem area, which generally means better results as your entire body is involved in the healing process. #2 –...

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  When your back hurts, it is hard to enjoy life. Even simple actions such as sitting, standing, and walking can leave you in discomfort or pain, and physical activities that you used to enjoy, like golf with your buddies or playing catch with your children, are no longer possible. That is, until you try yoga—at least that is what research says. In a three-year study which took place in the U.K. and was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, more than 313 adults who suffered with back pain were asked to take part in a randomized control trial....

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Posture Could the way you sit and stand be causing you pain? Are you suffering unnecessary discomfort or agony that could easily be remedied just by simply adjusting your posture? If you have back issues, you aren’t alone. It’s estimated that nearly 80% of Americans will have some sort of problem with their backs at some point in their lives. Why is it that your back is so susceptible to injury? The Importance of Posture If you don’t take the initiative to sit and stand in a manner that corresponds with spinal fitness, you are likely to cause undue pressure...

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                A huge amount of us today work at a desk and we all know that this has an effect on our health especially our back posture. An easy way to ensure that your body isn't suffering from sitting with a bad posture can be found below. Here are some tips to make sure that your posture stays in the correct position whilst working.   Feet should be flat on the floor. Tilt the seat slightly down wards placing more weight towards feet. Make sure the weight is spread across your buttocks and thigh area....

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