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  If you’ve followed this blog at all, then you already know that massage offers many great benefits ranging from releasing stress for better health to speeding up recovery time if you’ve sustained an injury. While massage generally refers to getting worked on by a professional therapist, the reality is that you can receive a lot of the same benefits by using a massage ball—especially when it comes to your neck. Why Massage Balls Are Good For Your Neck Have you ever had pain or tenderness in or around your neck area, particularly if you’ve been under a lot of...

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  If you have been feeling pain in your upper or lower back, you may be trying to wait it out to see if it will go away. While that does happen some of the time, all too often it only gets worse and, before you know it, you can barely take a step without feeling like a javelin has been poked into your spine. So, if you’ve not yet scheduled a visit to your chiropractor, here are three solid reasons you should do it immediately rather than trying to wait out the pain: Reason #1: You may be able...

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Body stretching

Do you do everything you can to increase your physical fitness, such as eating right and performing regular cardio and strength training exercises, but neglect to take the time to stretch? If so, you could be missing a very important key to good health.

Benefits of Stretching

Performing daily exercises that involve stretching your muscles is important to your overall physical wellness. Some...

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    Don't waist time static stretching, flexiablilty is developed by constant body movement, not just holding for a few seconds in one place like a statue. Dynamic stretching is proven to develop the body, preparing for exercise and fitness sessions. Moving through a full ROM (range of movement) helps the mucles work as a group and can give athletes and exercises great benefits before and after the workout session. One of the greats benefits has to be time efficiency. Not only have less time stretching but you also make a safer stretch by ensuring the muscles are at their...

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The Skeletal system is made up from bones and tissues ; ligaments, tendons and cartilage.


Shape of the skeleton gives our body its characteristics and provides a framework for muscular attachment within our body. Without its characteristics the body framework  would not be unable to perform  movement and our human bodies  would be simple blobs of muscle and fat without the Skeletal.


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