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  Depression is a common mental health problem in the world today. It is an illness that can affect many aspects of everyday functioning such as interfering with concentration, motivation, bringing about an overwhelming feeling of sadness and losing interests in activities that one once used to enjoy. This is a disorder that has increasingly afflicted people worldwide and according to statistics, about 15 million Americans suffer from depression every year. Major depressive disorder, often simply called depression, is caused by a number of reasons such as mismanagement of mood by the brain, stress, certain medications, health conditions, etc. Many...

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  Since we were kids we have been hearing the saying by Benjamin Franklin that ‘early to bed early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise’ and every successful person will attest to the fact that indeed rising early is very beneficial. But a large number of people find it difficult to leave their beds as soon as the sun rises. Following are the 10 tips to make getting up early easier for you! Have a strong reason to wake up early: If you want to wake up early then have a compelling reason to get out of...

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You may have been told often that exercise helps to combat depression. The reasons behind this notion remain unclear. However, a study at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm discovered evidence of the benefits. Scientists found that the stress in mice led to a build-up of kynurenine, a type of amino acid. This caused them to show symptoms of depression, weight-loss and inertia. However, some aerobic exercise led to an increase in the production of an enzyme called PGC-1alpha1, which triggers a protein that helps combat kynurenine. The mice that had higher PGC-1alpha1 levels still experienced stress, but it didn’t lead...

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