How to Boost Your Metabolism in the Morning





When it comes to losing weight and reducing the number of inches around your waistline, metabolism is definitely the key to making it happen. You have to burn more calories than you take in, essentially forcing your body to use your excess fat for fuel, resulting in a thinner, trimmer you.

To achieve the greatest results, you want to maximize your calorie burn from the moment you wake up. Here are just a few ways to do that:

  • Eat breakfast. You’ve heard it before and you’re about to hear it again: If you want to lose weight quickly and keep it off, one of the best habits to get into is eating this first morning meal. To make it more effective at boosting your burn, make sure it contains protein, and veggies are good too!


  • Drink water. In addition to your body needing food to fire up its metabolism, it needs water too. Ideally, you want to drink a glass right when you wake up.


  • Have a cup of coffee. Enjoying a piping hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning will help get your body fired up and ready for the day. Just limit it to 1-2 cups as overdoing this particular beverage can do more harm than good.


  • Exercise. Get your body moving shortly after you get out of bed and your metabolism will skyrocket, not only right then but all day long. Lay your workout clothes by the bed the night before to help you make this part of your normal, everyday routine.
Do one of these things and you’ll raise your metabolism and increase your calorie burn. Do all four of them and watch your fat melt off your body – from the moment you wake up! 
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