best equipment for rugby agility training



If you are involved in the sport of rugby, then you know that being agile is extremely important to your success. You need to have the power and speed to change directions at a moment’s notice or else your competitor will likely take you out.

In order to enhance your agility so that you are stronger and more explosive than ever, here is some equipment you may want to purchase for your training exercises:

  • Evasion belt. This piece of equipment requires that you train with another individual as you are connected by a Velcro belt with the goal of breaking free by changing direction, thereby evading their “attack.”

  • Hurdles. Hurdles force you to pick up your feet while running, how high being dependent on which hurdles you purchase and train with. The nice thing about these is that you choose where and how to place them, making them harder to cross as your fitness level progresses.

  • Ladders. Place a speed agility training ladder on the ground and you will see improvements in both your speed and performance. The ladder allows you to make your feet move faster as your brain tells you where to plant your feet, forcing the two to work together for maximum results.

  • Speed harness. This harness that attaches to your back provides just enough resistance to help you gain explosive power and strength while conducting your running-based drills. You can attach it to a parachute or some sort of weight, giving you just the right amount of force to work against.

  • Cones. Set up a group of cones so that you have to run to each one and change direction to get to the next one and you will definitely improve your agility.

Purchase each piece of equipment individually, or buy them as a set. Either way, you’ll rugby games will benefit tremendously.

What equipment do you prefer when doing your agility training?

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