10 Most Important Things Olympians Do Daily

Olympic athletes work hard for years to be successful on the world stage. They train nearly every day, eat healthily and get lots of sleep. These are some of many sacrifices they make to be the best in the world at their chosen sports. Here are ten things that they need to do to win that elusive gold medal:

Rise Early

Waking up earlier will help you develop a morning routine and start your day with accomplishment. Wake up 1 hour earlier and you will soon see that this sacrifice helped you to gain results.

Keep To A Healthy Diet

This is imperative to helping you excel at your chosen sport. A good breakfast is vital, as you can’t go a do a three hour training session without anything to eat. Porridge and fruit are a great way to start the day, as well as poached eggs on wholemeal toast. Chicken, pasta, salad and protein shakes are also great choices.


When the Olympics are over, the focus is on the next Games and the chase of new dreams begins. You need to keep training and pushing forward, and not give up. Many people have a habit of quitting and starting again. To be an Olympian, you need to be focused and grounded at all times.


Athletes rely on hard work and constantly visualise their success. They visualise their training going well every day, and focus on what they need to do to make the Olympic team. If you create a clear picture in your head of what you want, you will feel the benefits of visualisation. Focus on visualising what you need to do to get there.

Keep Your Emotions In Check

Sometimes athletes don’t feel like working hard, but they need to if they want to be successful. They have to ignore their feelings, as these tell them to do what is easy. Being successful is about working hard and pushing your boundaries. If you dedicate yourself more and detach your feelings from your needs, there’s no limit to what you can do.

Set A Goal And Break It Down

After winning a gold medal or breaking a record, athletes and coaches break their processes down into smaller tasks and goals that will mark their progress as time goes on. If you break down your goals, you will find they are easier to reach in the long run.


Cross-training reduces the risk of overtraining and helps athletes to avoid injury. It also enhances muscle performance and stimulates the mind, so one doesn’t become bored by too much repetition.

Workout With Others

Olympic athletes don't train on their own or only with those at the same skill level. You will find the spirit of competition and encouragement that will keep your motivation high. Also, there are training benefits to working out with others who compete at different levels.

If you're a runner, run with lots of different people. Run with someone slower than your normal pace, and you will stay out longer and practice your endurance. On another day, run with someone who is faster than your average pace and experience a more intense cardio workout.

Find Your Motivation

Olympians have lots of ways to control their emotions. Studies have found that listening to music, watching TV or doing yoga help them to calm their nerves before a competition and to fire them up. You can also find a method that inspires and motivates you, such as meditation or self-talk.

Have An Olympic Attitude

If you have the mentality of a full-time athlete when you train, and tackle your sessions with the same discipline, you will soon see results. You will get a sense of achievement knowing you are improving upon your personal best. Experiencing the accomplishment your goals is a feeling unlike any other.




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