Which First at the Gym - Weights or Cardio ?


Which would you do first at the gym ? do you always start on the treadmill when you first get into the gym ?

The answer to the question depends on your goals.  Always start with the outcome you are looking to gain.  If you want to build muscle then I would suggest you start with weights after your warm up. 

If you want to lose weight then I could start with the cardio machines; running , cycling, rowing or the X trainer are all great machines for burning calories. If you want to test yourself try using one of the machines Interval training programmes, these programmes are already pre set in the machine, if you need help just ask one of the trainers at the gym to help you set the programme.


The reason why it is so important to start with the correct training is because we always want to put our energy and effort into the goal we are training for. The answer is simple bigger muscles you need to do more weight and to lose weight you need to burn more calories. 


Start your exercise with lots of energy choosing  the training you want to improve most.

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