12 benefits of using anchor attachments for resistance band fitness

12 benefits of using anchor attachments for resistance band fitness

 12 benefits of using anchor attachments for resistance band fitness

Resistance bands have long taken over dumbbells; however, fitness with resistance bands is now being made increasingly effective with the use of anchor attachments. Here are the twelve benefits of making use of anchor attachments when using resistance bands for a better training regime.

The numerous benefits

  • Can be attached anywhere

The anchor attachments can be used to anchor the resistance band to all kinds of doors regardless of its size and shape. All you have to do is just to wrap the straps of the anchor, which most people often call the arms, around the door you wish to use for your training. Then, you need to secure the other strap on the backside of the door and initiate your training.

  • No partner needed

During some other workouts, it is imperative that you have a partner or someone to handle your equipment. Similarly, when using resistance bands without the anchor attachments, you need someone to workout with. With anchor attachments, you can work out by yourself.

  • Improved workouts

With the use of this item, you no longer need to open the door, again and again, to move the anchor in between exercises. An anchor attachment creates 25 points on a door where the resistance band can be attached. Moreover, the combination of D-rings and padded loops creates the possibility of various attachments. As a result, the variety and possibility of exercises that one can do increases.

  • Adamant construction

The anchor attachments have been designed as well as manufactured to be super strong and have heavy duty construction. Anchor attachments have to be made extremely strong since a body can produce up to 400 pounds of tension. Therefore, usually, these attachments are made using thick webbings of nylon so that it doesn't break easily. The heavy duty stitching, the top quality padding made of neoprene, and the d-rings ensure that the anchor attachment lasts longer.

  • Your bands – preserved

The anchor attachments are completely safe for your resistance bands. Each loop of the anchor is made of soft paddings which help to maintain the resistance bands. This is made possible by creating a surface for the bands to press against during stretching.

  • Helps to save time

As mentioned above, an anchor attachment enables the user to connect the resistance band at multiple points over the door. As a result, you will be able to move faster in between exercises since you will not have to close and open the door, again and again, to adjust the anchor in the right position.

  • Greater number of possibilities

Since the anchor attachment has an excellent patent design, you can use the attachments to spread the resistance bands across a door so that the resistance for various exercises such as pulldowns or chest presses come straight either from in front of your muscle or from behind. Consequently, the exercise will feel quite different as well as much better.

  • Portable

As the attachment is small it can be carried to places easily making it a great tool for on-the-go training. Similarly, the anchors coupled with a resistance band can be used at home as well.

  • Allows full body workouts

Since you can easily attach the resistance bands to various limbs because of the anchor attachments, you can do a full body workout that was not possible previously.

  • Can perform heavy exercises

Since you can attach the anchor to the door, you can easily execute heavy exercises such as core trunk exercises and upper body exercises.

  • Comfort

Using these attachments you can also workout while sitting on a chair if you’re suffering from a particular injury.

  • Excellent tool for shoulder, chest, and back exercises

Using anchor attachments allows you to use resistance bands in a variety of ways to train your back, chest, and even your shoulders.


Please find the video below for instructions on using the door anchor 


Type of exercise you can do using the door anchor 

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