Strength Training Dynamic Effort Method


This method is used to cultivate a fast rate of force development and explosive strength. It is defined as lifting a sub-maximal load at the quickest speed possible (this is applied to the same three lifts, i.e., the bench press, the deadlift, and the squat). Characteristically, you would lower the barbell quickly (though under control), and press up with as much force as your body will allow. Depending on your level of experience and work capacity, the load used can vary from 50% to 70% of your 1RM. What is often the case is that lifters make use of what is known as accommodating resistance. What this means is that they add on chains and/or training bands, which essentially serve to help eliminate deceleration during the lift. This is typically done for nine sets of three repetitions (for the bench press), nine sets of two repetitions (for the squat), and nine sets of a single repetition (for the deadlift). The duration of rest remains the same irrespective of which exercise you are doing (normally one minute of rest between each set). The most vital thing to remember when using this method is that maintaining speed of movement at a constant pace is more important than the load used, as this method is not used for developing maximal strength.

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