Best Ways to Keep Fit While on Holiday

Best ways to keep fit


Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean that you should set your fitness goals aside. In fact, doing so will not only set you back with possible weight gain and muscle loss (if you go on holiday often), but it could also derail your fitness entirely, causing you to never pick off where you left off when you return to your home and work routine.

So, how do you keep fit while you’re away? Here are three very easy to implement options that you can do whether you’re travelling abroad or just to the other side of town:

  • Swimming. Most hotels and resorts have a swimming pool, making this exercise a great option if you like to be in the water. You can swim laps to work both your cardiovascular system and your muscles, and you can also see if they offer any sort of water aerobics classes to burn some calories while meeting others who are passionate about the same thing.
  • Exercise Band Training. You certainly don’t want to carry your weight set everywhere you go but you can get a good muscle workout with exercise bands that weigh much less and don’t take up much room at all, even fitting in your carry on if that is all you are travelling with. Work your upper and lower body right from the comfort of your hotel suite or while taking in the scenery at the local park.
  • Suspension Training. Another easy to transport exercise option is taking your suspension training system with you. This is especially convenient if your accommodations don’t offer a fitness room, letting you build your muscles on a system that you’re familiar with and already have a routine established without ever leaving your room.

Being on holiday is no excuse to avoid your workouts. Try one or all of these options and you’ll return home in the same size and condition that you left in. That, my friends, is a good thing!

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