Why Having a Pet is Good for Your Fitness



There are a lot of advantages to welcoming a pet into your home and making it a part of your family. After all, nothing beats the unconditional love that you get after a long day at work, and who doesn’t like being greeted at the door by someone who is ecstatic to see you, even if you are kind of grumpy and stressed to the max?

As it turns out, there is another reason why having a pet is advantageous to you. That reason is that your four legged friend can also keep you fit and healthy. Here’s a few ways this happens:

  • They encourage walking and jogging. Pets need exercise too, which makes walking or jogging with them a great way for you both to get and stay in shape.


  • Playing with them burns calories too. Even if you don’t take them around the block or on a path that is nearby, simply playing in the yard burns calories too. You can teach them to catch a flying disc or simply engage in a fun game of chase that will bring you closer while making you more fit in the process.


  • They create a fun way to stay in shape. Because you have a good time with your pet, your fitness time with them will pass by rather quickly, allowing you to get in shape without dreading it or setting aside exercise time that you never follow through on.


  • They are excellent motivators. It is fairly easy to never put on your athletic shoes and convince yourself that you’ll “start tomorrow” but a pet won’t let you get away with that excuse. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, they want to go out and go for their walk or jog, letting you get in some much needed exercise with your motivational partner right at your side.

If you don’t have a pet of your own, you can always borrow your neighbors and get the same benefits. Benefits for you and them!

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