Best Exercises for Men’s Health


Are you concerned about your health and wonder which exercises are best for you so you stay in top shape not only on the outside, but the inside too? Would you like to do a workout that not only makes you look good, but increases your longevity as well?

When it comes to exercise, there are two reasons most people do it: vanity and health. While there is nothing wrong with working out so to feel more comfortable in front of the mirror, you can’t argue that the benefits to your health are huge. Besides, who doesn’t like the idea of feeling better and living longer in addition to looking their very best?

If your goal is overall health, here are some exercises that will help you achieve it:

Healthy Heart

A healthy heart means fewer heart attacks and strokes and less problems with high blood pressure and hypertension. So, when you’re trying to strengthen your number one cardio muscle, you want to do something aerobic. The key is to pick an exercise that gets you pumping your blood, thereby keeping your heart function the best it can be.

For example, if you’re new to exercise, you could try walking or cycling. Or, if your body is more conditioned, you may choose something a little more strenuous, such as running or swimming for maximum cardiovascular health.

Healthy Lungs

Just as cardio exercise is good for your heart; it’s also good for your lungs. Your lungs will become more efficient at using the oxygen you give them causing you to get less winded and you’ll get more quality oxygen to your cells.

Some fun exercises to improve respiratory function are cardiovascular exercises such as hiking, rowing and jumping rope. Because these are the same types of activities that are good for your heart, you’ll get a two-for-one!

Strong Core

When you take care of your core muscles (those around your abdominal area) you are less prone to agonizing back injuries which plague a huge portion of the population. Also, you’ll have greater posture allowing you to stand and walk tall for years to come.

Probably one of the best exercises you can do for this region is the plank. This is where you keep yourself balanced on your forearms and toes while you’re body is straight as a board. For proper form, check out this video by The Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper.

Focus on doing exercises that will strengthen these three key areas and you’ll be looking and feeling better for years to come!

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