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Parkour is a movement way of life which was established in France in the 20th century. It incorporates more than a few disciplines and as a result it could be stated that it is a mixture of a hobby, a sport, and a philosophy. It is about learning to traverse obstacles, and about getting from place to place in the most economical manner possible. The philosophy consists of jumps, flying leaps, and other physically-demanding moves which can be hazardous when it is practiced by someone who has not received suitable training. Hypothetically, it is about learning to swiftly traverse obstacles in an emergency state of affairs. Such a physically-taxing activity has a variety of great benefits. For starters, the complex movements that involve every area of the body ensure that you’ll get a full-body cardiovascular workout and can serve as a potent training modality. On the other side of things, parkour also trains your mind. That is, the fact that you are faced with obstacles that you are not aware of until you reach them, you are required to think quickly on your feet about how you are going to cross them, and this can ultimately become an instinctual feeling that can translate to other areas of life.

Parkour can also help develop inner-confidence in that while most people would probably not try to get over a fence and find an easier path around, the individual under the influence of the philosophy of parkour would try to find the most efficient way to get over said fence without hesitation. This level of confidence is difficult to find, let alone train, and parkour offers a proper way to boost your confidence which, like the previous benefit, can be adapted to other fields of your life.


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