Standing overhead oblique ab exercise band extensions


Standing overhead oblique ab exercise band extensions

This resistance band exercise focuses on toning the sides the stomach, these are known as oblique muscles. After a completing a few of these exercises you will be sure to burn those love handles away.

Muscles; Abs & obliques 

Attached the door anchor to eye level in door, check by pulling the door anchor that placement is secure.

1. Hold on the handles with overhand grip and arms fully extended above head, slight bend at knee.

2. Keep arms in same position throughout exercise  the palms facing each other  arms straighten position.

3. In a controlled movement make a side bend away from the door frame, move as far as possible then hold for 1 second.

4. Bend back and return to start position. Keep doing this until reps are finished.


A moderate level of fitness is required to complete this exercise.

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