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When it comes to creating a proper exercise routine, knowing your body type can help you determine which activities can provide you the greatest results. There are actually three different body types to consider—ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs. Which one are you?


Ectomorphs are generally long and lean, with physiques typically seen on long distance runners and a lot of tennis champions. One of the biggest complaints made by ectomorphs is that they have a difficult time building muscle, which can make their time spent in the gym frustrating to say the least.
To combat this, it helps to eat a higher level of protein, which can easily be accomplished by drinking protein shakes pre-workout. Also, performing exercises that engage more than one muscle group at the same time can build your muscle faster, hopefully getting rid of the frustration you oftentimes feel.


Endomorphs are more apple or pear-shaped, having a tendency to store fat on their bodies with relative ease. This can make it extremely difficult to achieve health and fitness goals, as weight loss or maintenance is a cumbersome task.

People who are endomorphs tend to respond well to lower carb diets and workouts that are higher in intensity (think CrossFit and interval training). This will help kick your metabolism up, making any excess weight easier to lose.


The final body type is mesomorph and this is people who is more muscular, or known for an athletic build, like professional body builders. The great thing about mesomorphs is that they often have a higher metabolism, which helps provide quicker diet and exercise-related results.

Mesomorphs should work their bodies like professional athletes, engaging in activities like vertical jumps, sprints, and other exercises that are standard parts of most top athletic programs. Just keep setting goals and strive to reach them and you’ll do just fine.
What is your body type? What types of struggles do you have as a result? And how do you overcome them?

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