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Over the past five years, we have experienced massive changes within the fitness industry. With new products arriving on the market regularly, the choice is great and it is often difficult to make decisions. The diversity and availability of all the different kinds of fitness training today is incredible. We have a range of training workouts and exercise routines available at our fingertips. The hardest decision is finding the right one for you. We’ve listed the top five fitness trends that have increased considerably in the last ten years.

Top five fitness trends

1. PTs -

Personal trainers are on the increase. The PT paradise once only accessible for the rich and famous, has now become available to all, with costs being cut due to competition in the market. Today, people can get their own PT from as little as £20-£50 per session.  Most PTs will offer a discount on sessions booked, and normally offer the first session free!

2. Outdoor exercise-

Boot camps , green gyms, resistance band training, suspension training. – there are lots of different training systems for outdoor exercise. I personally love outdoor workouts, in fitness groups, with a friend  or on my own. The best thing about outdoor training has to be that every session is different! The weather can be the biggest test for training: strong winds, wet, hot or cold.  Training outdoors has the added benefit of extra fat burning.

3. Fitness technology -

Mp3 players, apps, GPS tracking, heart rate monitors, pedometers, Wii, Xbox – iphone and android mobile phones: technology is thriving! Loads of fitness companies are making apps for every kind of fitness training. Recent games like UFC Trainer & Wii fit making fitness more fun, with challenges and active fitness routines which you can complete at home.

4. Dance exercise programs -

Zumba – this has to be the most successful dance training fitness programs of today. You can find Zumba everywhere: online programs, DVD sets, local gym classes and it is also available with Wii fit. This is a fun, active workout which will get you moving and grooving – loads of fun!

5. Yoga and Pilates -

Flexibility training is one of the best exercise routines you can start. Yoga or Pilates aims to tone your body and increase you body movement. Links have shown that yoga can prevent disease as it help open your inner channels and allows your body’s blood oxygen to work better. Oxygen can help too by removing the baddies from around the body and allows your muscles to be replenished faster.



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