Want to Reduce Your Life Insurance Rates? Just Wear This


Life insurance is one of those things that everyone should have but few like paying the premiums in order to keep. Besides, when you’re trying to maintain a house, keep utilities on, buy groceries, pay for a car, fund schooling, and take care of all of the other expenses common to running a household, it can really put a strain on your budget to also pay for this necessary yet optional expense. Well, one way to potentially reduce that strain and lower your rates is to wear your fitness tracker.

The way it works with some life insurance companies is that you wear your fitness tracker and allow them to keep track of your activity level and the more active you are, the greater your discount. It is similar to the way some auto insurance companies are giving discounts for allowing them to put monitoring devices in your car, truck, or SUV to determine whether you are a safe driver. The way they see it, the less likely they are to pay a claim, the more money they are willing to deduct from your premiums.

Now the same is starting to ring true with life insurance companies that offer term life policies (these are policies where you pay for a certain length of time and it only pays out if you happen to die at some point in that time frame). And the more they are able to see that you are living a healthy lifestyle, thus making you more likely to live beyond the policy, the more you will be rewarded with lower premiums. Some are even offering additional benefits, such as reduced rates on hotels, vacations, and other often costly purchases.

Therefore, you may want to contact your current life insurance company and see whether it offers this type of program. If not, perhaps you should shop around and find one that does. After all, living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy, so you might as well get as many rewards from it as you can, right?

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