Best Energy Ingredients for Pre-Season Training

 Best Energy Ingredients for Pre-Season Training

When you’re engaged in pre-season activities to get your body ready for all of the season-related trainings and games that lie ahead, you may wind up feeling like your energy is in short supply. This is only natural after having spent some time off after your season ended. Your body isn’t as used to the demands that you’re beginning to place on it again, making you wish you had some way to boost your energy and feel more alive.

Fortunately, there are a few energy-enhancing ingredients that you can take, making it easier to get back into your game. They also help in that you’re not left feeling so knackered after your pre-season training sessions.

With those two thoughts in mind, here are some ingredients to consider:

  • Protein. Because you are going to be working your muscles, and likely to exhaustion, protein is a must. This macro nutrient not only supplies you with the nutrients your body needs to grow bigger and stronger, but it also gives you some get-up-and-go at the same time. You can get it by eating lean meat, eggs, and nuts, but protein shakes are another option as well.

  • Complex Carbohydrates. While simple carbs that contain white flour and sugar are notorious for giving you an energy spike then crash, complex carbs like white rice and whole grains supply your body with a steady flow of energy as you work through your pre-season trainings.

  • Vitamin B. Some athletes get vitamin B shots because this one nutrient is so effective at providing the energy needed to not only get through the trainings, but also to manage the rest of their obligations and responsibilities too. However, vitamin B pills work great too.

  • Caffeine. Drink a cup of coffee or tea before working out pre-season and you’ll likely notice a nice increase in energy as you set out to hit the exercise room or practice field. The key is not to overdo it so you’re not up all night and unable to sleep.

What ingredients do you take pre-season to boost your energy stores? Comment below and share them with other readers who are looking for ways to get more energy themselves!

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