Best Priced Resistance Bands You Can Buy Online


Let’s face it, getting in shape isn’t always easy on the wallet. By the time you buy your new workout clothes, athletic shoes, heart rate monitor, and other gadgets, there’s usually not much left over for the one other thing you likely need—fitness gear.

Fortunately, resistance bands are fairly inexpensive and you can even buy them online so you don’t have to waste any more of your hard-earned cash by hoping in your vehicle and going from store to store to try and find them. In fact, here are two of the best priced resistance bands you can currently buy online:

#1: FH Pro Extreme Resistance Exercise Band with Handles

These bands start at just £7.99 (for the one with 45 pounds resistance), which means that, for the price of a couple cups of coffee, you can purchase the band or bands you need to start to get yourself in better shape. And if you want even more resistance, the heavy bands are only £1 (for the 55 lb band) and £2 (for the 65 lb band) more. Or, you can get the set of three for less than £20, saving even more money yet.

#2Resistance Bands Set

If you want bands that you can use together to create varying levels of resistance, FH resistance set offers that option on Amazon for £14.99. Take this route and you get five different bands with one set of handles to attach them too so you can devise your own strength resistance bands to use to tone your upper and lower body. (Note: They don’t say exactly how much resistance each band offers, so keep that in mind if you choose this option.)

What type of pricing have you found for resistance bands online? Any deals you want to share below?

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