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Average salary for a fitness coach - Fitness Health

How many of you consider that a fitness coach is necessary when you are exercising? Do you think it is best to do your exercise alone or the guidance of a fitness coach is necessary to get in shape? Nowadays fitness coaches have become very popular among those people who wish to reach their goals by regaining their body shape and getting fit.

Fitness coaches plan out the entire work routine for their clients as well as make them do the important exercises and training required to stay fit. Apart from this, fitness coaches also give advice as well as direction to their clients as to how they should perform exercises.

Not only simple but fitness coaches also guide their clients on the most complex of exercises they should do. They also conduct classes in a group as well as on an individual basis.

What do fitness coaches do?

We often think we can just go to the gym and do our own exercise. However, we fail to understand the importance and necessity of a fitness coach. They know more than us and they devise such plans for us which eventually make us fit as well as healthy.

Fitness coaches implement exercise plans on their clients. They also sell some products to help their clients in achieving their fitness target, some fitness coaches also make personal visits to their clients homes and make them exercise there.

Various fitness coaches focus on specific fitness areas for instance strength and training, helping their clients to recover from an injury and making them trained for a special event coming up.

Educational requirements for a fitness coach

Some fitness coaches have no formal education but a clear understand about fitness goals. They know how to pass on the fitness achievements to their clients. However, the high-level training athletes are well aware of all the methods of training and quite educated as well.

Hourly and average salary for fitness coaches

New York has the record for paying the highest salaries to fitness coaches followed by Philadelphia, Florida, Nebraska and then Michigan. It also depends upon their experience. Not every fitness coach gets the best of salary when he starts. On the entry level, they get 18.7 percent which gradually develops to 49.6 percent then 19.4 in the middle of their career and then so on.

An early fitness coach who has an experience of 1 till 4 years gets an average compensation of dollar 15.17 which is based on 69 salaries. In their mid-career, a fitness coach who has approximately 5 to 9 years of experience gets an average compensation of 22 dollars which is based on 27 salaries. A fitness coach who is experienced with altogether 19 years of experience gets an average compensation of 16.72 dollars which is based on 12 salaries. Eventually in the later years of their career, after 20 years or even more, the employees are expected to earn an average total compensation of approximately 15 dollars.


So, this was all there was about the fitness coaches, how they guide their clients and how much is their average salary. The average salary of fitness coaches also depends upon the area. In extreme elite and posh areas, they charge more as compared to the middle class areas.

It is always best to hire a fitness coach because they know how to guide their clients regain their shape and their body posture. Apart from fitness, they also give detailed guide about the kind of food their clients which consist of limited carbs. What else would you want in a fitness coach?

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