Best Equipment For Calisthenics Exercises

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 Best Equipment For Calisthenics Exercises

Calisthenics comprises of exercises which help you to build muscle by just using the weight of your body. Regular calisthenics workouts and proper training help promote the growth of lean and firm muscle mass and increase your mobility, agility, flexibility, endurance, and strength. Some of the basic calisthenics exercises are push-ups, squats, sit-ups, and pull-ups. You do not need pricey equipment to build muscle definition while doing calisthenics exercises. Some of the best equipment for calisthenics exercises are:  

Power Tower

A power tower is the most useful and complete calisthenics workout equipment. It allows you to do all the basic bodyweight exercises to help build a strong core and shape up your body. You can do dips to build your triceps and chest muscles, pull ups and chin ups for a stronger back, biceps, and shoulders, and build a stronger core with the help of different variations of hanging leg raises. This is a cheap equipment but before buying it make sure that it has a sturdy and stable structure and it does not wobble. Make sure that it can handle your weight and the handlebar and the dip section is wide enough to accommodate your height.

Power Bar

As a beginner, if you want to start with something basic, then a power bar is your best choice. It is very cheap and does not require much space. There are two types of power bars available on the market. A doorframe bar can be fixed between the door frame, but it is not recommended for heavy usage while a wall-mounted pull-up bar is safer and is able to handle more weight. Make sure that you fix it away from the wall so that you have ample space for your workout.

Dip Stand

Dips are an important part of an efficient calisthenics workout as they work the upper body. A dip stand not only helps to work your upper body but also strengthens your core while you are doing leg raises. There are two types of dip stands available in the market – fixed dip stands, and separate dip stands. Fixed stands are sturdier and safer while separate stands can cause harm to the user as they sometimes move without warning. 

Gymnastic rings

Gymnastic rings help to increase overall strength and improve balance because when you are holding a fixed position while using the rings, you are working multiple muscle groups. Working on rings also increases the heart rate which helps to get rid of excess fat. Gymnastic rings are not for beginners as they require strong muscles, but they are great for intermediate and advanced levels as they help in strength development. You will also need a high ceiling to install them so that you can use them effectively.

Jump Rope

Cardiovascular exercises are the best exercises if you want to lose weight and the best cardio equipment is the jump rope. It is a very cheap but effective piece of equipment that helps to burn calories quickly. A jump rope can improve coordination and boost your stamina while working major muscle groups. It aids in weight loss by burning those extra calories, improving your cardiovascular system and developing endurance. 

Weighted Vest

Weighted vests are used in calisthenics workouts to increase the level of difficulty of the exercises. They are comfortable and do not hinder your mobility in any way. You can also adjust the weights to the difficulty level that you want.

Calisthenics equipment, although not very expensive, is a great way to reduce weight and get the body that you desire. You can perform many exercises in a limited space with the help of these equipment.

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