best powder supplements for weight loss

Fitness lovers are looking for protein shakes to lose their weight for replacing their meals. Do not get into the misconception that the protein powder is only for the use of bodybuilders.

A person may easily lose weight with a high protein diet because it helps in the building of muscle mass, burning fat and reducing the appetite.

Moreover, protein-enriched foods help the person to stay fuller for longer duration in comparison to the high carbohydrates or high-fat foods.

The protein powders available are of different types that are either plant-based or animal-based. Below, there is a detailed discussion about the different protein powders to help in weight loss.


Whey protein

It is one of the most popular supplements of protein. This supplement is milk-based that contains all of the amino acids which body is unable to produce by itself. Therefore, it is referred to as a complete protein by the doctors. It may support your weight loss too.

The random clinical trials proved that people consuming it reduced their weight and body fat readily, without any dietary changes incorporated, in contrast to the people who were consuming supplementary carbohydrates. It is because they had lower levels of Ghrelin, hunger hormones. Even the waist circumferences are less.


Casein protein

This is another protein that is complete and milk-based. Whey is absorbed more quickly in the body then casein. This is the reason it makes a person fuller for a longer time. This helps in weight reduction.


Egg white protein

Egg white protein may turn out to be a good option for people who cannot intake dairy products. Most of the nutrients and vitamins of eggs are present in the yolks. Egg whites are completely made of proteins. Egg white protein has low carbohydrates and fat.

However, the Nutrition Journal shows that it is not very effective in reducing appetite and aiding in weight loss in comparison to other proteins.



Collagen is effective in building the muscle mass when resistance training combined with it. It has been much in the limelight because of its gaining popularity as a supplement and protein source. It has many health benefits, even your skin health.  Bones or skin of animals makes up the Collagen Protein. It will dissolve quickly in the water and can be consumed in the morning.

Some researches highlight that it helps in the boosting of muscle mass.


Soy protein

It is a good option for people who are on vegan diets. All of the essential and necessary amino acids are contained in it that makes it a complete source of protein.

It may provide health benefits to some extent because of the availability of Isoflavones. These plant compounds mimic the estrogen and have the activity of estrogen. Isoflavones are found considerably in the soybeans and the concentrations vary in the soy products.

It is beneficial in relieving the menopause symptoms. It may even help in the protection against heart diseases and breast cancer. It will further help in weight loss and fat reduction.


Brown rice protein

It is also a favourable option for people who cannot consume other animal or dairy products. However, other things are needed to be taken too because it is not the full source. It is beneficial for users who want to increase their muscle mass.


Therefore, you need to select wisely among the different options available for weight loss. These powder supplements have their pros and cons so decide according to your needs and requirements. There are different supplements in the market but every supplement is not suitable for everyone.

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