Five ways PT’s keep their fitness sessions fresh

Five ways PT’s keep their fitness sessions fresh - Fitness Health


Personal trainers help people in achieving their fitness goals by designing training programs and help in implementing them. Personal trainers must listen to their clients, they must be able to identify targets, and must come up with effective methods to reach those goals.

To be a successful personal trainer one must have knowledge of nutrition, human physiology, you must know exercise techniques, and lastly, you must know how to motivate your clients and keep things fresh! Motivation is vital for your clients to shake off the laziness, change their unhealthy habits and keep on training with you.

But sometimes it can be difficult for personal trainers to find ways of motivating their clients. Here are some ways that allow you to increase your client’s motivation.

  1. Introducing some fitness challenges

Sometimes you need to take people out of their usual routine by doing some fun challenges instead. By introducing these challenges, you can evoke the competitiveness element in people, which helps in doing these workouts a lot more fun and exciting.

Secondly, these challenges help in providing clients with a structure to follow, pick a challenge and plan a workout by making small steps towards achieving it that won’t be hard for your clients to achieve. Being able to complete such small tasks will have a trickle-down effect on your clients making them happy. They’ll feel more confident about achieving their goals.

  1. Reward your clients

Handing out fitness rewards is always a good idea to keep your clients motivated. Treat your clients after they’ve reached a particular goal. You can five small presents such as

  • A free smoothie
  • A small trinket
  • A free massage if your clubs offers such services

Make sure to rewards clients who didn’t manage to reach their goal but tried hard. Sometimes it can be quite demotivating when you put in a lot of effort but end up missing the mark by an inch.

  1. Change up the environment

Most of your clients might spend their entire day cooped up in an office and might not get the chance to breathe in the fresh air. What you can do is have your workouts outside, even if you have warm-ups outside this will increase your visibility as a trainer. And will allow your clients to feel a lot more motivated!

  1. Use social media and training apps

 Some effective ways of motivating clients is through social media. Since a lot of people spend the majority of their time on social media, this is an efficient ways to motivate your clients directly. Here are some ways you can drive your clients through different social sites;

  • share motivational messages
  • create online support groups
  • encourage clients to post their fitness achievements

Also, apps for personal training offer effective solutions to improve client motivation. These apps allow you to check up on your clients' needs and track their progress.  These apps allow you to directly communicate with your clients and keep reminding them their goals.

  1. Offering something new

Most of the times people are unmotivated to go to the gym because they find it very monotonous. Hence why it is important for you to switch things up a bit! Mix up your client’s fitness routine by introducing new exercises instead. Also, if your client does one-on-one training, then try switching things and pairing clients up or form small groups instead. This allows them to motivate each other; social-exercise will also provide a little competition making things a lot more interesting.


Keeping things fresh and exciting allows your clients to be motivated to work hard towards their goals. You need to introduce new challenges and changes, as the more motivated they are, the better they’ll be able to work!


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