how to eat pasta’s and pizza’s and still have your abs


Eating pizza, drinking wine can make you lose your abs no doubt, but what if you can stack on these tasty food items and still remain slim and sexy? This may be a dream come true, but with a little practice and good food choices, you can make this into reality. So read on to find out the food cheats you can follow without losing out your abs.

Health Cheats For When Going Out To Party

These healthy cheats can be considered as treats. But if you consider it more as a healthy hack in order to provide your body with the right things. This way, you’ll feel better about the entire eating process and what you are eating. If you are going with your friends or out on a date, you might want to stick with your healthy habits.

Mentioned below are some tips and tricks you can follow and keep your abs on you.

  1. Go Prepared

It is a smart idea to eat at home before you go out even if you are heading out to your dinner. This may sound nuts, but most people make bad choices at restaurants with an empty stomach. If you do not want to eat before heading out, then you can stash a healthy and short snack with you so that you can have a backup option when you’re out. A bag of nuts is something you can keep with you.

  1. Watch For Sugar

A single cup of mocha has around 30 grams of sugar present in it. Even random food products that you may not think about, such as pasta sauces and salad dressing have tons of sugar in it. When browsing your menu, make sure that you are aware of all the ingredient that you need to use before ordering your meal.

One example of this is that if you want to go for a salad, then it is a good idea to choose olive oil dressing or balsamic.

  1. Keep It Simple

As a general rule, it is a smart idea to know what ingredients your meal is going to be made off. Remember that the more plant-based meal you choose, the more simply prepared the meal will be and the more better off you are.

  1. Explore The Restaurant Menu

You do not have to order from the entrée section if you are not in the mood too. Do not be afraid to ask questions about the dish you like or to customize your meal. Many restaurants come with great veggie-based sides, and you can easily pair this with a grilled breast chicken piece and enjoy.

  1. Eat Slowly

When you are out, it is a good idea to eat slowly. It is amazing how quickly you can end up chugging down your meal without even realizing it. So, try to put down your fork often and engages in conversation before you start eating it. Keep in mind that restaurant portions are huge, and unless you eat slowly, your body won’t have a chance to tell you it's full.


At the end of the day, it is important to make mindful and smart food choices when going out. Instead of getting overexcited and ordering a bunch of food, remember that healthy snacks are what keeps you fit and active. You must be cautious about what you put in your body because this will affect your internal system as well as your physical appearance. You can head out and have fun and still have your abs with these tips.

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