How To Strengthen Your Immune System With The Help Of Vitamin C

How To Strengthen Your Immune System With The Help Of Vitamin C - Fitness Health

We all keep raving about how important it is to incorporate vitamin C in our diet. But the important question here is: do you happen to know why?

A water-soluble vitamin, vitamin C can be found in a variety of foods. If you were to name some common foods from the top of your head, oranges and lemons would definitely be the first ones on the list.

Now, what makes up part of the hype concerning consuming vitamin C is the fact that the human body is incapable of producing and storing it. This makes the consumption of abundant amounts of vitamin C imperative for the optimum functioning of the body.

Vitamin C has remarkable antioxidant properties and is a known nourisher of the skin. It plays a crucial role in the synthesis of collagen and in maintaining the health of bones, teeth, connective tissue, and tiny blood vessels.

Among other benefits, vitamin C is the real deal to boost the functions of your immune system.

How You Can Fortify the Immune System Through the Help Of Vitamin C

Let us see the 10 different ways vitamin C can strengthen your immune system.

  1. Make way for some interferons!

Whenever a potentially harmful foreign particle, pathogen, enters the body, the body prepares itself for defense. This is made possible through the release of interferons that assist the cells in initiating protective cellular defenses.

Are you wondering where vitamin C plays a part in such a mechanism?

The answer is pretty simple: vitamin C supports the production of these magic particles known as interferons. So, if you do not want some strange particles wreaking havoc in your body, you better acquaint yourself with vitamin C! It prepares your first line of defense.

  1. Phagocytes made stronger

Phagocytes (which are a type of naturally occurring white blood cells) are responsible for enveloping pathogens and other potentially harmful particles. After caging these particles, they are engulfed and rendered harmless through the activity of enzymes.

Such a process deters likely infections and saves you from getting sick. Vitamin C here does the trick of enhancing the function of phagocytes.

  1. White blood cells are stacked

Many of the primary cells that make up the immune system, specifically white blood cells, are rich in vitamin C. According to research, these cells have vitamin C around 80 times more than the amounts found in blood plasma.

  1. Cellular immune response is strengthened

Vitamin C is also involved in enhancing cellular immunity.

The body tackles a pathogen attack through either antibody immunity or cellular immunity. The cell-mediated response, supported by vitamin C, activates macrophages, natural killer cells, and antigen specific T-lymphocytes. All of these agents are responsible for combating any danger caused.

  1. Cytokine production is encouraged

Cytokines are channel proteins that convey information to other cells to make the immune response effective. Vitamin C plays a part in boosting production.

  1. Say no to programmed cell death

T-lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells, play a crucial role in the cell-mediated immune response. Without vitamin C, such a defense system would become weak. Do you know why?

Here's the answer:

Vitamin C inhibits the programmed death of many forms of T-lymphocytes and ensures that they are kept alive and well to protect your body.

  1. Abundance of nitrogen oxide

Vitamin C encourages high productions of nitrogen oxide by phagocytes. This gas is responsible for the killing of any trapped pathogens.

  1. More T-lymphocytes

Among the amplified production of other things for a more secure defense line, vitamin C promotes T-lymphocytes' production.

  1. More B lymphocytes

By now, you already know that the word 'lymphocyte' is your saving grace in times of intruder attacks. The more these cells are present in your body, the merrier!

Vitamin C does precisely that: boosts the production of these killer cells.

  1. Antibodies to the rescue

We all know the vital role antibodies play in our immune defense system. To the credit of vitamin C, the production of antibodies is increased. Vitamin C also helps to optimize their activity for effective defense.

Bottom Line

Now you know that to ensure the immune system's optimal working, vitamin C is playing a hefty role.

You too can strengthen your immune system with the help of vitamin C by making certain changes to your diet. Be sure to consult your health provider before making any big changes.
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