how to work out my running pace

A pace calculator helps you know how much time it will take you to either walk or run a specific distance. Getting an average of this number and keeping track of this will help you understand your pace and track your fitness throughout this whole time. You can easily determine whether your training and efforts are paying off or not.

You will also need to know your pace if you are planning to register for an official marathon that includes, 5k marathon, 10k marathon, half marathon etc. a distance and pace calculator can aid you in keeping track of your pace, and you can easily calculate this on your own online. A walk is communicated in m/m minutes per mile or m/km minutes per km. Your start corral is assigned to your regarding your pace by the organizers.

Calculating your pace is easy; all you need is to know the time it took you to complete a specific distance.

Formula To Calculate The Pace:

Pace = Time / Distance

It’s not necessary for your pace number to be a round number, in such a case you will need to covert those fractions to seconds.

For example: 0.5 minutes = 30 seconds.

Walking/ Running Speed Calculator

Speed is the flip side of pace. It is communicated in miles/hour or kilometers/hour. To know your speed, you will need to know your distance as well as the time.

Formula to Calculate Speed:

Speed = Distance / Time

You can also convert your pace into speed by dividing 60 by your pace.

The formula of Converting Pace into Speed:

Speed = 60 / Pace




  • Running 8 miles in 1 hour: 8 / 1 = 8 miles per hour (mph)
  • Walking 8 miles in 2 hours: 8 / 2 = 4 mph

Exercise Intensity:

The speed can also help you to understand and determine the intensity of your workout routine.

Vigorous intensity: Speed that is more than 5 mph or pace that is more than 12 minutes per mile is running

Medium intensity: Speed that is 4 to 5 mph or pace that is between 12 to 15 minutes per mile is fast walking or jogging

Moderate intensity: Speed that is between 3 and 4 mph or pace that is between 16 to 20 minutes per mile is brisk walking

Light intensity: Speed that is less than 3 mph or pace that is greater than 20 minutes per mile is easy walking

How does Wearing Fitness Gadgets Help:

A GPS fitness app, as well as a GPS fitness speedometer, will show you your speed or pace, by calculating it automatically. Many a time, trees, electricity poles and cables as tall buildings can mess with the accuracy of the gadgets. One should be aware of such changes so that they don’t get the idea that they are faster than they actually are.

How to Accelerate Your Pace and Make It Better?

There are many tips and tricks that will help you get your pace a bit faster. If you aren’t happy with your current pace, then use these to get your pace better.

  • Correct your posture.
  • Refining your arm motion is another way of getting a better pace.
  • Use heel to toe technique to get a strong push-off,
  • Try different techniques and determine which one suits your best for long races, alternating walking as well as running intervals


Keeping track of your pace helps you in the long run when you need to know the pace to help you understand your chances to win. It will also aid you in determining whether you need to pick up your training or tone it down.

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