How tough is Tough Mudder?

How tough is Tough Mudder? - Fitness Health


The trend of endurance course events is becoming common now a day. Talking about one of such courses, the Tough Mudder course is at least 10-12 miles long, and it contains more than 20 “military style” obstacles.


A of these obstacles are easy to master, but some are very tough and push you to your limit.  The participants run the course in the name of bravado, fun, and fitness. To make things challenging the obstacles are revealed only a few days before the race.


However, there are some obstacles which are present at every event.


To give you an idea of how tough the Tough Mudder course can be, here are some of the obstacles it has:


  • Turd’s Nest


It includes a suspended cargo net over a lot of mud which also has barbed wire covering it. Runners have to move under the wire. The net itself doesn't bounce too much unless there are multiple participants on the net at the same time.


  • Funky Monkey


These are bars, similar to common monkey bars, which have been greased with a mixture of mud and butter. If you slip, you will fall into an icy pond below. Each bar is about a foot and a half away from the other bar.


Moreover, the obstacle contains portions. In the first half, you have to move upwards and then travel the bars downwards to complete the second portion.


  • Cliff Hanger


Cliff Hanger is an obstacle featuring a 40-foot high cliff of slippery mud angled at an angle of 45-degrees. It requires teamwork and camaraderie to complete. Slipping leads to falling into a mud pit below.


  • Walk the Plank


This tough obstacle is a test of a participant's fear of heights and cold at the same time. It involves jumping into icy cold water from a height of 15-feet. While jumping might not be the tough part for some, landing in the cold water and then swimming out requires a lot of strength.


  • Fire Walker


In this obstacle, participants have to run through a trench of blazing, kerosene-soaked straw. The flame is 4 feet high, and they have to be quick because the smoke can cause breathing problems.  


  • Mud Mile


Participants slosh through waist-deep sludge to get to the other side. A lot of people end up losing their shoes when completing this challenge. While the Mud Mile might not be as tough as some of the other obstacles, it can make you feel tired. 


  • Twinkle Toes


Mudders are known for their strength, stamina, balance and agility.  This obstacle involves crossing a log bridge with an ice pond underneath. This obstacle is harder to cross than it looks.


  • Hold Your Wood


This event is usually placed after a big hill climb. Mudders have to carry a log along them as they move down a slippery hill. It tests physical strength and balance.


  • Hanging Tough


Participants mudders swing across a series of suspending rings over a pool of ice-cold water.  Take too much time to complete this challenge, and your arms will begin to feel tired.


  • Everest


The hardest obstacle is the Everest—a quarter-pipe that participants have to sprint up on and enlist the help of other Mudders to climb it. Everest is coated in mud and grease, a combination which send mudders right back to the ground. This challenge can be completed through teamwork.


  • Berlin Walls


The 12-foot wooden wall is placed when participants are the weakest during the event. The obstacle can be conquered through teamwork and proper strategies.


  • Boa Constrictor


This obstacle becomes more challenging for participants that don't like small spaces. They need to crawl through a series of pipes that also force them to go through freezing mud.


Legs are useless in the narrow confines of the Boa, so arms are used to pull your body. The tunnel is dark, only having light at the end of the pipe.


  • Arctic Enema


This obstacle is crossed through willpower and physical strength. First, participants have to jump into the Big Mudder’s floating iceberg abyss bravely. Once submerged, they must use their physical and mental strength to swim through the ice, under a wooden plank, and reach the end before experiencing hypothermia.



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