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  So when start working out you wish to start doing intense workout straight away in order to achieve those six-packs that you’ve been wanting since forever. However, your trainer might stop you often from doing that by telling you that the best way to burn fat and gain muscle is by doing lots and lots of cardio, right? Wrong! This is exactly what you should not be doing if you want a ripped body. According to various researches doing cardio exercises for long periods can actually have more disadvantages than advantages.  Disadvantages of doing steady-state cardio exercises all the...

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  If you have enough space, having your own home gym is a brilliant investment. You don’t need to go through traffic to get there, there are no membership fees and it is more convenient if you are short of time. Read on to find out more about the benefits of having your own gym.   No fees Commercial gyms always say they are affordable, but the funds will add up over time into hundreds of pounds. For example, if you had a £30-a-month membership, this would mount up to £360 a year altogether. You could buy a set of...

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Resistance band training is excellent for muscles and the bodyskeletal system. People often choose resistance training as you can increase strength, muscle definition and bone density with exercise band training.  The top four resistance band shoulder exercises in the picture above. These are selected over technique, ability and benefits. All these exercises target the shoulder deltoid muscles.  A tip for resistance band training, is too always make sure that you complete the exercises slowly and correctly. When making each movement please make sure you complete each exercises slowly with controlled movements. The slower you move the more you will feel the...

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  The whole goal of shredding is to burn fat and give your muscles a more defined appearance. And, when performed correctly, that is exactly what it does. However, some fitness enthusiasts have encountered issues while trying to master this form of exercise. Therefore, here are two of the biggest problems associated with shredding, as well as how to solve them: Problem #1: You Aren’t Getting the Results You Want If your shredding program isn’t delivering the results you want either 1) it is a poorly designed program or 2) you’re not following it as closely as you should. To...

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    When you think of the word “sexy,” which body parts come to mind? Back? Shoulders? Tummy? A great way to get any of these areas in shape—and bring your sexy back—is to add resistance bands to your training. By contracting your muscles against the resistance of the band, you can literally and effectively tone and trim any area of your body! For instance, if you want to put some sexy back into your shoulders, then a rear shoulder pull can help you do the trick. To do it, just stand with your arms outstretched in front of you...

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