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   The human body is just like a machine. It is packed with intricate details and arrangements. Muscles and bones are linked together and aligned in a perfect order with maximum strength and endurance. However, sometimes this perfect machinery becomes affected by various factors like age, infections, fractures or accidents. Thus, the human body fails to perform efficiently. In such cases, an effective therapy is essential to treat these injuries. What is Hip Flexor Injury? Hip flexor muscles are a group of muscles towards the front of hip. They connect your thigh bone to your lower back. These muscles help...

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  Being a gymnast requires having a body that is extremely flexible, enabling you to move the different parts of your body in various directions to fully master your routine. This makes performing muscle-loosening exercises critical to doing as well as you can while on the mats or bars. Here are three of the best, most basic flexibility movements you’ll want to add to your fitness regimen if you haven’t already: Pike Stretch This exercise helps stretch the muscles in your back and lower body. To do it, sit on the floor with your legs outstretched fully in front of...

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  Using foam rollers in conjunction with your exercise program offers a lot of advantages. For instance, they can help release muscle tension, improve blood flow, and they even assist with the removal of toxins that have built up in your muscles as a result of working out, which ultimately means a shorter recovery time and less pain. The question is: How do you use them? Fortunately, foam rollers are very easy to use. So, in this article, which is part 1 of 2, we are going to discuss the various ways you can use them to benefit your upper...

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  Although some would argue that it is the strength training sessions that make your muscles bigger and stronger, the truth is that it is actually the recovery periods where your muscles experience the most gains. To make a rather complex issue kind of simple, you’re essentially tearing your muscles when you work them out and it is the process of healing of the muscle fibers that result in them growing in size and strength. One way to assist with this recovery is to use a foam roller. Foam rollers offer a number of different benefits. For instance, if your...

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  No matter how hard you work to prevent them, sometimes sports injuries occur. It’s no surprise really since a lot of quick moves and turns are typically involved when playing on a field or court. Add that to opponents who sometimes collide and that is a sports injury in the making. According to WebMD, some of the most common injuries related to sports include ankle sprains, hamstring strains, groin pulls, knee injuries, and tennis elbow. A few of these may occur due to overuse, but others happen when certain muscles, ligaments, or tendons give way under the demands that...

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