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    You might have heard about speed and agility training if you’re into fitness. However, it is possible you might not fully understand what it’s all about. Here are some easy tips for understanding speed and agility training, think of them as small pointers that cover the basics. Recognition and Reaction For speed and agility, an individual should have an absolute threshold of alertness hence allowing him or her to analyse the situation. By doing this analysis, one can move freely yet with speed. For example, a player fully alert during a football match would be continually "on their...

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Mobility training is all about finding the optimal movement patterns for different individuals. Take note that there is a difference between stretching and mobility. Stretching improves flexibility which gives you a wide range of motion in joints while mobility is the ability to move more effectively and efficiently. Mobility can be improved with the help of various components of which stretching is one component. You need optimal ranges of flexibility to achieve optimal movement. This will enhance your health, athletic ability, endurance, strength, and energy level and help prevent injury. When all the muscles in your body are strong and...

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  Although most people think of fitness as a personal goal, the reality is that your shape impacts your work too. With that thought in mind, here are six things about fitness your boss wants you to know: The more in shape you are, the more productive you are. Research has found that people who exercise tend to get more done thanks largely to increased blood flow to the brain. This may explain why a high number of CEOs and top entrepreneurs make exercise part of their daily habit. When you’re fit, you’ll take fewer sick days. While you might...

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  Whether your goal is to lose your underarm jiggle so you feel more confident when you wave or to firm up your biceps so you look great in sleeveless shirts or tanks, working the muscles in your arms to their maximum potential is key.  One way to do this is to use a battle rope. A battle rope is a thick, heavy rope that is roughly 10 meters long. And you can do a number of different exercises with it to work your upper body. However, the best movement for your arms is what is called a figure 8...

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