The Body Fitness Benefits of Pilates

There are many benefits associated with Pilates. These benefits are similar to practices such as Yoga and meditation for a start. Most people prefer to think of Pilates as a single form of aerobic exercise, though the poses and approaches are very similar to Yoga or movement based meditation. A few of the benefits of Pilates include:

Lowering Blood Pressure

Studies show that regular Pilates can actually help to lower blood pressure to normal levels if it is too high.

Reduced Muscle Tension

People that experience tense muscles or joints find Pilates to be of great benefit in the reduction of the tense body parts.

Reduction in Headaches

Pilates has often been shown to reduce or eliminate the pain associated with headaches and the occasional migraine. The long periods of mild activity may eliminate the pain or even give you an extended break from it.

Increasing of Focus and Concentration

By allowing your brain time to relax, Pilates has the power to greatly increase your focus and concentration. If you practice Pilates before undertaking a large project or physical activity, you will find that you will be more able to perform the functions of the activity more effectively.

Feeling of Emotional Stability

People that regularly practice Pilates have been shown to be less likely to experience symptoms of anxiety, stress, minor depression and conditions like bipolar syndrome.

An Improvement of Memory

By relaxing the brain, Pilates has often been shown to increase memory in the participant. Early tests have been promising in the use of Pilates along with prescription drugs for the reduction or delay of Alzheimer's disease.

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