The use of Kinetic Leg bands for Speed increase

The use of Kinetic Leg bands for Speed increase - Fitness Health

 The use of Kinetic Leg bands for Speed increase


Kinetic bands, or KBands, are a tool that helps you to train smarter instead of harder. They are worn above the knees, and designed to strengthen your leg muscles and lower body. They can help to increase your stamina, flexibility and running speed as a result. Read on to see some of the best exercises you can do with them:


Training for Sport

This type of training varies in every kind of sport, but developing speed is essential for improving performance in all sports. One part of this training includes drills, which can be done with KBands. Try doing 2-3 reps with them and then two without them to keep up velocity at all times. This will maintain hip strength and make you more explosive, which is particularly vital for sprinters.


Core Development

All athletes need to work their abs, glutes, hips and hamstrings. These are essential for speed improvement and athletes often neglect them. Try to do the following exercises with the bands for 10-15 minutes around 3-4 times a week. Start by doing 2-3 sets of:


Single-leg side jumps

These will improve your endurance. Put the band around the middle of your thighs and stand on your left leg. Jump as far as possible to your right and land on your other leg. Do a squat on this leg and jump to the left again to return to the start position. This is one rep. Do 30 reps without a break.


Step-ups to knee raises

These will improve flexibility and strength in your hips and are particularly good for runners. Keep the band around your thighs, and stand in front of a bench or step that is knee-high. Put your left foot on the step, and press down with the heel to bring your body up and make your leg straight. Bring your right knee to your chest, and then lower your right foot back to the ground into the start position. This is one rep. Do 15 reps with your left leg on the step and do the same on your right leg.


Backward lunge

These strengthen your muscles, quads and glutes. With the bands around your thighs, ensure your feet are hip-width apart. Put your right leg behind you, and bend both knees at a 90-degree angle into a lunge position. Then step forward so your feet are together for one rep. Do around 12-15 reps on your right leg and repeat on your left leg.


Walking side squats

Strap the bands to your thighs and ensure your feet are a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Turn your toes out slightly and let your arms hang by your sides. Lower yourself with your knees to go into a squat position. Your knees must be level with the ground. Then stand up with your feet together, and move to the left to repeat the action. Keep moving to the left and do about 15-20 reps, and repeat on your right side. Do as many as possible to increase your exercise intensity.






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