what does a personal trainer keep in his training bag?


Equipping oneself with a gym bag is a must if you're going to be on the go more often and want to make your workout routines a success. Loading your backpack with the right stuff not only guarantees that your workouts happen, but it also lets you get the best out of your gym time and after your hard workout, enables you to refresh and clean up easily. Life is fast-paced on the gym floor. The things that you take to the gym with you will boost your routine and help you get in and out quicker.

In this article, we're going to talk about the important stuff you should carry in your gym bag that makes your day and routine far easier.

A Piece of Any Fruit or Protein Bar

The most important concern before starting any workout is that one should not be on an empty stomach. If your client just reached the gym from some hectic work and forget to have a meal then it's better to give them a protein bar or any fruit before workout as it`s a light meal alternative and elevates the low blood sugar level. After having one the client would be energetic throughout the workout session.

Any Digital Gadget

Previously, people use to keep a notebook and a pen with them for the sessions to note down important points regarding the client`s usual routines or about the diet, even people used to note down the schedules also. However, this is a digital world now and people prefer to note and manage every detail digitally on their, iPad, iPhone, and use smartwatches as this is the easiest way to keep reminders, set schedules and manage other details.

First Aid Kit

Keeping a first aid kit in your bag pack is very thoughtful. One should always be prepared for any future risk. When it comes to workouts there`re always chances of any physical injury like ankle twists, elbow injuries, or any health issue like dropping of blood sugar levels, feeling dizziness, etc. Therefore, a trainer should always keep a first aid kit for his client to assist one completely.

Wraps and Straps

To provide a good grip to the client, not every gym would allow you to use chalk as it is harmful for the skin of course, and also hard to clean up as it makes things messy around. Therefore, a trainer should use wrist or knee wraps as they are easy to carry in a bag and a much better alternative to chalk.

Spare Clothes or Sport Shoes

Being a trainer one should have to take several workout sessions a day. From a hygienic point of view, when you sweat continuously and don’t change the sweaty clothes for long then the chances of skin infection increase and it also becomes a bit uncomfortable with bad odor.

Secondly, due to continuous workout sessions chances of cloth tearing and shoe damage are more so one should have a spare alternative for such situations.


Besides health and other factors, people nowadays are very conscious about their skin and appearance and the thing gets mandatory if your client is a celebrity. In case you need to take the workout session outdoor then sunscreen is the only savior that can protect one’s skin from UV rays. So, a trainer should keep a sunscreen of at least SPF 30.

Tissue Roll

Well, keeping a tissue roll is not always helpful like most of the time one doesn’t need that but a trainer should be prepared for every situation beforehand. Keeping a roll would be helpful if one wants to use the loo cause most of the time there aren`t proper arrangements for that in the gym. It would be helpful for the trainer himself and might for the client also.

Being a trainer is not that easy, as one should be aware of these small things all the time and also should take care of his client`s needs to make one comfortable and contended enough with you. Having these above-mentioned things in your backpack could help you to be one and to reduce sudden circumstantial stress.

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