What Supplements to take For Muscle Gain?

What Supplements to take For Muscle Gain? - Fitness Health


For most people that like to pump iron in the gym, it is all amount muscle gains. And though some people are able to get the body they want through vigorous exercise, there are individuals who aren't seeing the type of gain they want.

They end up putting hours of work at the gym, but for some reason, no muscle gain is experienced. For you to build muscle, you need to provide your body with the correct nutrition. And while being overly dependent on supplements isn't a good thing, there are some you can take for muscle gain.

Here are a few supplements you should consider taking if you aren't seeing the kind of muscle gain you want. Keep in mind, that you should always first consult your doctor and your trainer before consuming such a product.

  1. Creatine


The benefits include:

  • Improving lean body mass.
  • Body stores more glycogen.
  • Increasing the volume of muscle cells.
  • Faster recovery after a workout.
  • Muscles perform better during intense exercise.

You can take creatine if you’re a bodybuilder. A good thing about this supplement is that because it is already present naturally inside us, the levels go back to normal in a month if you stop using it.

As for the dosage, you should take 5-10 grams a day. Remember to take half of the total daily serving though. You should take half with your pre-workout meal and then the rest with your post-workout nutrition.

  1. Beta-Alanine

The next supplement you can take in beta-alanine. You should know that it is a non-essential amino acid that occurs naturally. It is introduced to the boy through any type of food that is high in proteins i.e. poultry.

Beta-Alanine is able to enhance performance because it is able to increase the intramuscular levels of carnosine. In four weeks, these levels can see a 60% increase. Due to intense exercise, our bodies become acidic as the pH drops because of the accumulation of more hydrogen. This acidity (you might know this as lactic acid) ends up causing fatigue and reduces muscular performance. If you keep the level of carnosine high (through Beta-Alanine), you can delay such acidity and work longer.

The benefits include:

  1. More endurance.
  2. Able to apply more force.
  3. Delay overall fatigue.
  4. Works together with creatine inside your body for better performance.

It is recommended that you only take 2 to 6 grams per day. You should also take it in small doses as the day goes by. Not being able to do so can lead to a tingling sensation in your skin.

Some other supplements that you can take for muscle gain include whey protein, glutamine, and even BCAA (short for branched chain amino acids) which are leucine, valine, and isoleucine. 


Do remember that results can also be achieved without you needs to take supplements. While the process will be slower, it is considered to be healthier. Go over your diet and get it sorted out. You might be surprised to see that a few changes in your diet end up delivering the results you were hoping for without having to take supplements.

Also, as mentioned before, consult your doctor or trainer before you start taking dietary supplements.

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