PhD Nutrition L Glutamine 120 Caps

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  • Great addition to a muscle building or cutting plan
  • 6000mg L-Glutamine per serving, easy to use tablet formula
  • Excellent when stacked with Creatine or BCAA's

L-Glutamine is one of the most widely used amino acids in the athletic world, hugely popular amongst bodybuilders and weight trainers. L-Glutamine is classed as a semi-essential amino acid and therefore must mainly be obtained from the diet.

PhD L-Glutamine can be taken throughout the day as part of your nutritional plan and utilises only the finest micronized grade L-Glutamine, in a convenient tablet format.Who are L-Glutamine Tablets suitable for?

Suitable for bodybuilders and weight trainers

For team sport participants and health conscious individuals

Take 6 tablets 1-2 times daily with water on an empty stomach. L-Glutamine is best used upon waking or before bed. 120 x 1000mg tablets.