6 common misconceptions about supplements

 6 Common Misconceptions About Supplements

Supplements. Some people love them, others hate them. While everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion about supplements, the problem comes in when the opinion is formed based on misconceptions. Here are the six of the most common:

  • They are a replacement for food. Supplements should supplement, not replace. Ideally, you should get most of your vitamins and minerals through eating a well-balanced diet. Supplements should add to that, ensuring you’re getting everything you need or providing the nutrients you aren’t getting through your diet.
  • More is better. You should always follow dosage recommendations to ensure you’re taking supplements at safe levels. Taking too much of certain supplements can create a toxicity issue, causing you more harm than good.
  • Because they’re available without a prescription, they’re always okay to take. Some supplements counteract medications or can make health issues worse, so you’re always better off getting a doctor’s approval before starting any supplementary regimen.
  • All-natural supplements are always better. Just because all-natural supplements contain no added fillers doesn’t mean they’re better (or safer) than the non-natural options. For instance, some man-made supplements are better absorbed because they have additional ingredients in them.
  • Your body will expel any extra supplement it doesn’t use. While some vitamins and minerals are water soluble, which means you excrete what you don’t need when you go to the bathroom, some are fat soluble, which means that you’ll store any excess. This can quickly become a problem which, again, is why you should adhere to proper supplement dosing.
  • Supplements are completely unnecessary. There are certain nutrients you simply cannot get through food alone (especially if you can’t eat foods from an entire food group), making supplementation necessary if you want to ensure that your body gets everything it needs to function optimally.
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