How to be Healthy at Christmas

Three simple tips on how to be healthy this Christmas

The most dangerous time of year for weight gain will be upon us next week. At this time of year is often known to treat oneself.  Christmas is a festive time for overindulging with food and drink. Try and keep a little healthy with some easy health Christmas tips.

Eat sprouts

Brussel sprouts are amazing when just cooked right. These wonderful vegetables are packed with loads of  great nutrients. Sprouts are a  great source of vitamin A, calcium, folacin and potassium, high in fibre and great disease fighters.

I always used to trim and steam my Brussels sprouts, be careful not to overcook, as you can easily lose the nutrients and often leave them tasting soggy. Try drizzling some extra virgin olive oil and sprinkling some toasted almonds this year.

Don’t mix carbs and proteins

Enjoy the Christmas meal with some amazing cooked meat and leave the carbs till later. This will help speed up the process of digestion. When we consume each nutrient (protein, carbs or fat) separately we can  speed up the breakdown of nutrients in the body, helping us remove and store fats more effectively.

Burn on boxing day

Go for a run on boxing day! wake in the morning and burn all those extra calories off, exercising first thing in the morning this will target the fat stores from the day before. It’s known that a run in the morning with an empty stomach can help burn fat twice more effectively than normal.  When exercising in the morning you target the fat stores for energy, this is how an early run can do the world of good.  Setting you up bright and ready for another day of food and drink.


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