6 Fitness And Exercise Ideas For Kids

6 Fitness And Exercise Ideas For Kids - Fitness Health

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Kids, particularly in today’s technological world, need physical activity so that they can build their confidence, coordination, and strength. Doing a level of physical exercise in their life would also lay the basis for a healthy lifestyle. Children who don’t partake in physical activity have been observed to be prone to obesity and other health issues later in life.

Make fitness fun for your kids

When parents hear the word fitness, they automatically think that the only way to make their kids fit is by putting them in organized sports. Of course, there are benefits of signing up your child for football, basketball, or softball teams; however, games and practice sessions around two times in a week aren’t enough to reach the recommended fitness goals for kids.

Moreover, parents cannot rely on the physical education give in school to provide sufficient amount of physical activities for the children.

School going children should be provided with numerous chances to take part in a number of sports, games, and activities that fit their interests, age, abilities, and personality. You should sit down and brainstorm with kids to come up with fun activities.

The majority of the kids wouldn’t mind having an exercise session daily as long as they have fun during it.

Here are 6 fun ideas to make your kids exercise while having fun:

  1. Try out an obstacle course indoors

This is, perhaps, the most engaging activity and kids of all ages enjoy. Give them an obstacle course. Your course could include anything ranging from jumping rope to crawling through boxes or tunnels, climbing a mountain of blankets and pillows, throwing balls in a fake hoop, or somersaulting towards the finish.

You can also have fun with your kids when making the obstacle course and while trying it out with them. You will need to ensure that the obstacles you have chosen are safe and are placed at such a skill level which is appropriate for the kids participating.

If the kids are too young, then you might need to make a few modifications. Making obstacles too hard to overcome can make kids lose interest.

  1. Bubble wrap attack

This exercise is for younger kids. You are bound to have some bubble wrap lying around; it comes with almost every new purchase. Get your kids to jump on the bubble wrap until it is completely popped.

  1. Clean-up race

When you challenge kids, they tend to participate actively in an exercise. Set a timer and ask your children to clean their room before the timer buzzes. Similarly, you could put on their favorite song and ask them to get the room cleaned before the song finishes.

  1. Make a circuit

Teach your kids some of the basic exercises such as toe touches, jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, and how to hop on one leg. Children that are a bit older can also be taught basic weight lifting moves like bicep curls using light weights.

Make a circuit and assign one exercise to each member of the family. Then, go around the circuit with a minute on every exercise. Make sure that you continuously encourage your children and use positive words.

Of course, smaller children might not have the coordination for performing the exercises in the correct manner; however, they can still take part.

  1. Scavenger hunt

Write up a few clues and then place them around the house. The kids can race each other, and overcome some obstacles, to look for each clue to get a small prize. Prizes can include anything from chocolate to a toy that they have wanted for some time. 

  1. Play active video games

Video game consoles provide active games as well for example Kinect Sports and Wii Fit. Using these consoles, you can play simulated sports including baseball, tennis, bowling, and basketball. Similarly, you can also play recreational sports like skiing to keep your kids fit.

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